My letter to the White House

Dear President Obama,
What does Joe Lieberman have over you that you would allow Rahm Emanuel to hijack the Senate and tell them to please Lieberman? I have to tell you that I find you to be increasingly disappointing. I voted for you to change things but you seem more interested in  pleasing the right than doing what is best for the American people. If you serve only one term. And I believe you will. It will be your own fault. I won't vote for you again unless you get with the program and act like candidate Obama and not like Republican-lite Obama.

Here are some Twitter remarks about how the White House just screwed us:

@markos Insurance companies win. Time to kill this monstrosity coming out of the Senate.

@HunterDK: Breaking: Senate agrees to drop healthcare reform from #HCR bill. Will be replaced with picture of Calvin peeing on you.

@johngcole: But hey- they got to posture for the Stupak amendment, so it isn't a total loss. Idiots.

@pourmecoffee Final health care reform now looking like mailer with healthy recipes from FLOTUS vegetable garden.

@stephanietaylor Sherrod Brown, asked what the bill DOES do: "30 million more people will be covered now." BECAUSE U R FORCING US TO BUY SHITTY INSURANCE.

@GregMitch In Japan, Harry Reid would have to, literally, fall on his sword.

@aravosis When it still feels like Bush is in the WH and Gingrich the Congress, I don't call that 'change'

@markos Bye bye, Reid. You weren't a bad MINORITY leader.

@HunterDK: Private mandate still in. Apparently Senate only feels they can regulate individual citizens already struggling to get by.

@Atrios: 2010 gonna be grim

@HunterDKT Well, I'm out. There's more to be gained from purging corporate whores in Dem party than having 60 votes... or even 55.

@SamSeder In the words of Mr. Rotten, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" F U Joe Lieberman and the caucus you rode in on.

@markos They're still trying to stick us with the mandate, right? Another government bailout of a broken industry.

@HunterDK Somehow I don't see "Let Them Eat Cake" being a winning campaign slogan for senate Dems in 2010, but what do I know.

@pourmecoffee Children of Aetna management not allowed to go to sleep tonight before writing thank-you note to Lieberman.

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