Ron Reagan: Did you ever meet my father? I'm asking you a simple question. You can't answer that because the answer is no. Pam Geller: You never met him either.

These people really are delusional. Read and watch the exchange via Crooks and Liars.

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Tom said...

What's really amazing about that whole episode is that the Loon Brigade are convinced that Geller actually "won" that debate with Ron Reagan. My favorite loon put it thus;

Watching the video, one thing became abundantly clear. Ron Reagan, having become a raging communist, is proof that intelligence and common sense is not a genetic trait.

The funniest thing about the whole Palin deal is that the loons are absolutely convinced that liberals are "afraid" of her. They actually do believe that we're afraid she'll beat Obama in the next election. No matter how much we tell them that we can't get enough Palin, and we would be ecstatic if she ran in the republican primary, they still don't get it. And I think I know why.

This whole Palin thing resonates with the loons because she is exactly like them. She has the intellectual capacity of a tree stump, and that is actually a virtue in the "tea party" circles. Those people despise intellectual capacity, and as Palin has clearly demonstrated no real substance, she has become a stand-in for their own frustrations. In other words, if Sarah Palin is like me, and she succeeds, than that means I am vindicated.

I simply cannot get enough of Sarah Palin, and if you read Sullivan at all.. there's much much more to the story then is public right now. When it all comes crashing down on her, the gloating will be glorious.