Thanks George!

A post from G's blog RANTZILLA:

Entendre thy name is Aseff
I love it when I throw down the gauntlet and someone picks up said gauntlet and smacks me upside the head with it. Behold Wild Sects, the brainchild of John Aseff.

About John: John is a padna in crime when it comes to calling hypocrisy by its name. Smart, funny, and with a little edge, he makes life go down better.

Naughty bit: his cell phone does the 24 deet-deet-deeeeeeee-booooooop, never failing to crack me up

Thanks G. Hopefully I'll get it up to speed soon. Thanks again for the KITA!


g said...

You're most welcome. Wild Sects looks great and is looking like it's going to be fun. I finally got of my tuckus and put a permanent link to Wild Sects on Rantzilla.

John in Atlanta said...

Oh cool! Tanks for the exposure.