Let's listen to the most unpopular industry in America. Americans be damned.

I just read where the public option is much more popular than the Senate bill. So what does Obama do? he pushes the Senate version. Only in our broken “democracy” could the opinion of a handful of lobbyists representing one of the most unpopular industries in America have more sway than the opinion of roughly 65% of Americans. The American people have spoken loud and clear about what they want from health care reform, and it is a public option.


Tom said...

Told you Obama is an unmitigated disaster.. :)

John in Atlanta said...

But is he as bad as Bush was? No way in hell.

Tom said...

You're right about that. Bush is some adjective south of "unmitigated disaster".

Some people tell me I have a pessimistic attitude towards things, but I think it's just a reaction to reality. We were all really stoked about the possibility of Obama, and the way he conducted himself during the primary and general. Pretty much everything he did made perfect sense from the Liberal point of view, and what I didn't agree with was trivial. What we got is a completely different person.

Fool me once.. we don't get fooled again.