RNC Chairman Michael Steele apparently doesn't get out much

STEELE: This whole dog and pony show that we're about to witness today is something that should have taken place a year ago, when the administration first came in last February and laid out its agenda for health care. This is how you should have started it - bipartisan, public forum, CSPAN, your cameras rolling to capture this and to capture, most importantly, what the American people want. And right now, they want us to start over, and I think we should.
TODD: Chairman Steele, in fairness to them, I mean, it was a year ago that they actually had a summit.
GUTHRIE: On March 5th.
TODD: And it wasn't just the legislative leaders. They brought in folks from the industry as well. And that one was televised. So...does that one not count? I'm just curious.
STEELE: Well, apparently it didn't. Because we don't have health care.


Tom said...

Steele did have a point though, didn't he?

We still don't have health care.

John in Atlanta said...

Well yeah. Thanks to the Republicans. Obama shares part of the blame too for trying too hard for bipartisanship when bipartisanship isn't in the Republican vocabulary.

Tom said...

I think we need to be a bit more realistic.

Was the problem really with the "obstructionist" Republicans, or is it really with Obama and the Democrats?

Consider FDR and LBJ. They weren't the poster children of "hope and change". Never the less, they got results that implemented programs that Americans are very happy to have. We know those programs work.

I don't blame the Republicans for anything, and I don't give them credit for being able to keep the status quo. This has nothing to do with the Republicans. It's all about Obama and the Democrats playing all of us for fools.. and that includes those of us that continue to blame the Republicans for blocking everything that the Demorats are "trying" to do.

Obama has been trying to be too "bi-partisan"? No, he's simply using that as a tactic to avoid getting anything done that us Dirty Fucking Hippies care about.

American politics will always be about "punching the Hippies", as Atrios often puts it.

We can keep throwing blame around everywhere but where it really belongs, and go into the mid-term and the next presidental election pointing fingers at the other side, but when you get right down to it, we were lied to. For all our efforts, and for everything that we thought was going to be different, it's not.

We don't have health care. We don't have an end to DADT. We don't have financial over-hauls and proper regulation. We don't have updates to our national infrastructure. We don't have improvements in unemployment. We don't have.. well.. make a list of policy items from Obama's campaign and see how many are even remotely feasible at this point.

It's going to be a very shocking day when everybody else figures out that the boogey-man that we've been blaming for over a decade really has nothing to do with anything.

If the Republicans re-gain controll of Congress, all us Liberals will be happy again, because we'll have the bad Republicans to point our fingers at and blame. It'll be just like it was when Bush was President and the Republicans controlled Congress. We can say, "if only we had a Democratic President and Congress".

Oh wait..