They eat cats, don't they?

According to an article this week in the Bangkok Post, animal rights activists in Thailand have requested that a popular song about cat eating be banned on the grounds that it “encourages feline consumption” in the country’s poor northeastern provinces.

The song in question, “Poo Bao Gin Maew” (Cat-eating Men), is sung by a group of northeastern comedians. The lyrics mention a group of lads that cook cats because they can’t afford more expensive cuts of meat. Roger Lohanan, chairman of the Thai Animal Guardians Association (TAGA) declared that “the song has incited more people, especially teenagers, to try it.” Ah yes, those crazy teenagers. When they get tired of sniffing glue and piercing their tongues, they turn to cat grilling.

One elderly Thai man was quoted in the newspaper as saying that in his village, near the city of Kalasin, “some people eat cat meat and some do not, but all realize that it is a private matter.”

Is that the same as: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ?

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