JimmyJeffGannonGuckert will be on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday 4/29/2005

There is no mention of it on the Real Time web site but take Atrios' word for it. I can't wait to see this guy torn to shreds. If Bill doesn't take him to task for everything including being a prostitute and being on the receiving end of special access to the White House I'll be VERY disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss it. Take notes, and blog about it on Saturday so I can hear all about it, will you? Please?


John in Atlanta said...

You got it. I never miss it. It's the only reason I have HBO.

Tom said...

Lets hope Maher asks him about the secret service logs showing him arriving at the WH, on days the prez was gone, and not "signing out".

I really want to know who he was doing.

Still - that is the story, or part of it anyway. How did Jimmy Jeff get a soft pass for 2 years? How did he get the pass before even writing for Talon News? Who was he seeing when signed into the WH, but not attending press briefings?

What I don't like seeing is Jimmy Jeff getting his 15 minutes extended. I don't like seeing him invited to press club mettings to discuss "blogging". I don't like seeing him being interviewed about being a "reporter".

You know that Jimmy Jeff is nothing but pure ego - and Maher, and all the other media, are just feeding it. He craves publicity, and he's still getting it.