Jules Shear

Don and I were discussing one of the most underrated songwriters ever. Many of you have heard a Jules song and never realized it because so many people have covered them. A couple that come to mind are "If She Knew What She Wants" by The Bangles and "All Through The Night" by Cyndi Lauper. They did great jobs on those songs but to hear Jules do them will give you an eargasm. He not only writes great songs but performs them with passion. My first exposure to Jules was when I was caring for a friend's record collection he had both "Jules and the Polar Bears" records. One listen and I was hooked. They remain among my favorites (Don, I have to add them to my WORJ list for the desert island). Don was also instrumental in keeping an eye out for anything Jules realted for me. He found a compilation Christmas CD that Jules' band Reckless Sleepers is on called "Just in Time for Christmas" that my family listens to every year. My wife doesn't think it's Christmas without it.

What prompted this post was Don asking for any news on Jules. I immediately Googled him and came up with a few items. Rather than respond to Don personally I decided to share with everyone. Check out some Jules. You won't be disappointed.

Bands Jules was in:
* Funky Kings
* Jules & The Polar Bears
* Reckless Sleepers
* Raisins in the Sun

Concerted Efforts - Jules Shear
Jules Shear

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