Cosmetic Activities

Thai teenagers are a lot like youngsters in other countries around the world. They like to chat with their friends, play computer games, listen to music, and hang out in shopping malls.

But a recent poll by the Child Watch Project/Thailand Research Fund revealed a few other interests. Not surprisingly, “engaging in sex” was a popular choice with 16 percent of respondents listing that as a daily activity. Slightly higher, at 18 percent, was “Soccer Betting.” But just behind that, in the 17 percent group, was a most curious item: “Planning to have cosmetic surgery.”

Yes, it looks like a lot of nose jobs and breast implants are on the horizon for the youth of Thailand. But that number still pales in comparison to the 63 percent that obsess over something else: buying a new mobile phone.


Tom said...

John still alive?

John in Atlanta said...

Just barely :-)

I regret that my job has evolved into a beast that must constantly be nurtured. I have very little time throughout my day for things that I used to have plenty of time for. I hope things will even out a bit and be less hectic. I still read Tom's and Mixter's blogs when I can even though I don't comment very often.

Tom - did you ever get your bike? I ended up buying a project car. It's an '87 Volvo 240. I've had several Volvos in the past and I love 'em. This one was the proverbial little old ladie's car. The previous owner was 82 and her son forced her to sell it. She only used it for church, the grocery store and to ram a parked car. The damage was minimal and all I had to do was replace a bumper shock with a $4 junkyard part. Otherwise it's in remarkable condition. It's a breeze to work on. I'll be replacing motor mounts this weekend. Volvo mounts are notorious for wearing out. They make them out of Jello so that if you're in a collision they shear off and the motor goes under you instead of beside you. Well - gotta go. One of my processes is done.

Tom said...

Hey no worries.. we all go through phases. I lost interest for a while, but mostly back at it. The bitch-fest I had with a bunch of Mormon's sort of reinvigorated my blogging.. that and I have basically nothing to do at work right now other than attend useless meetings and answer emails.. I really need to write a novel since I have all this free time.

I still haven't bought the bike. Believe it or not, there are no real BMW bike dealers in Dallas.. But then I've sorta been looking at a particular Yamaha cruiser that looks nice.. It's probably just one of those situations where you think, "oh that would be neat" but never actually get around to doing anything about it.

Have fun with the Volvo.. and be sure and post a pic when you get it done..