The Vent from the AJC

High gasoline prices are taking a toll. SUV now stands for Suddenly Unwanted Vehicle.

If liberal dissent empowers the terrorists, how are they affected by conservative incompetence?

Get ready folks. Congress is about to sucker punch you again! Who do you think pays when they tax Big Oil? No company pays taxes — it’s all included in the price of the goods or services.

If I were the official gas price changer at any gas station, I believe I would start wearing a bulletproof vest.

We made $1,700 at our garage sale this weekend. We celebrated by buying a tank of gas.

My friend is getting married, and they let their family and friends know that they’re registered at Shell, BP and Texaco.

Poor Scott McClellan just couldn’t lie straight. So they go to their close friends at FOX News to solve the Snow Job problem.

Jay Leno said it best: Bush says sending 1 million people to another country is impossible? Why not? Mexico did it.

OK, Cynthia sassed a cop and berated a flunky, I would hate to see what you would say if she started a war and shot somebody.

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