A little advice for right wing "Christians"

Maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't feel this animosity and "persecution" if you weren't using your religion as a weapon to destroy the lives of others. Maybe you wouldn't feel as if people dislike you for being Christian if you weren't suing for the right to be a bigot.

Knock off the sob story, you morons. It's bullshit; everyone knows it, and you're embarrassing the real Christians. Stop fabricating things like the war on Christmas and Easter, and try using your Christian beliefs to enrich your life, rather than making others miserable. You just might feel closer to God.


Bangkok Bertha said...

Amen to that, brother!

wishyaknewme? said...

so are you saying that YOUR a Christian?
if you use words like "bullshit" your not clean in the eyes of the Lord and your not a Christian!
Read your BIBLE if you did you most likely wouldn't act like your full of hate .
Read your Bible and it would sovle some stuff.
Easter isn't fake Jesus did die on a cross and rose again after 3 days.

John in Atlanta said...

I never said I was a Christian. I stopped believing in fairy tales when I was a child. Therefore I consider myself to be agnostic.

As for me being full of hate: how did you come to that conclusion? I have no problem with REAL Christians. Those who practice the teachings of Jesus are to be admired. Modern Christianity or at least the American version is far removed from those ideals. Just look at how they behave. Read the artilce I linked to. Are those the actions of a Christian? Are the actions of the Bush administration what you would call Christian-like behavior? This country would do pretty well under the leadership of REAL Chrisitans. No wars - help for the poor - the list goes on. Jesus was a liberal who would be sickened by what is being perpetrated in his name.

Nobody ever said that Jesus didn't die on the cross. But it's common knowledge among reality based people that his followers took his body and CLAIMED that he rose from the dead.

So as a Christian I hope you will go out and spread the word among the fake Christians that you won't tolerate what is being done to true Christianity.

wishyaknewme? said...

how would you know what real Christianty is if you don't read the Bible ?
You can say that Jesus didn't rise from the dead all you want , it won't change the fact that you'll go to hell if you contenue your life .

John in Atlanta said...

I was a Christian once. A Catholic to be more specific. I read (past tense) the bible. It was required reading for all altar boys and in the religion class that was part of the curriculum. As I grew older and matured I was able to remove the blinders and see organized religion for what it is and what it always has been. A way to control the masses with the fear of burning in hell. I see it has worked very well on you.

As for me going to hell if I continue my life. Just how do you perceive my life to be? I am a happily married father of two wonderful, intelligent children. I am a moral man in that I would never do anything to harm my fellow man. I help the disadvantaged every chance I get. I respect our environment. I work every day and earn a good living. I honor my parents by helping them when they are in need. The list goes on and on. Why do you think I must embrace religion to be a moral and kind person?

I get the feeling that you have not yet matured enough to know that you are being mislead. One day I hope you see the truth.

I invite some of my other friends to respond to this young person and help him see the error of his ways.

KoalaBear said...

No one has the right to not be offended. Christians find themselves the subject of mockery and derision and verbal offense every waking moment, and non-Christians do not stand in their defense. When Christians (or anyone) mock and deride homosexuals, for example, every able collectivist stands in unison to defend homosexuality.

Why should homosexuals at Georgia Tech have the right to offend Christians on campus, while Christians (or anyone) do not have the right to offend homosexuals on campus?

Fuck them both.

wishyaknewme? said...

you won't get the chance to *&^% me ,sorry that you want to .

and NO I am not blinded , I have literarily been saved from the mouth of one ticked-off dog from an angel!
You can not ,and will not EVER change my faith, call me crazy if you want, but I have also been used by God to send a demon to Hell.

I know you'll call me crazy ,but my list goes on aswell.

My God give me peace , in your life you were not a Christian.
sorry but just reading the Bible dosn't make you a Christian, if you read it right you would know that, just going to chruch isn't enough aswell.

John in Atlanta said...

Well he started out lucid enough. The bat shit crazies always show their true colors when debated.

Tom said...

Welcome back to blogging life and enjoy your nutbags.. LOL

The closest I've come to a "religious" label is deism.

Have a look.. it offers a lot to agnostics... basically being that your view of "god" is based on what you can reason, and discover and know... and not some made up bullshit some guy on tv with big hair tells you.

But I'm sure you're already familiar with a number of different breeds. I can appreciate a religion that ascibes all of existence to more than just chance, but doesn't try and define it. After all, all we can really know for sure is that we're here, and there's a better than average chance that it wasn't an accident. Everything else is simply conjecture - therefore I can be a diest without being a bat shit crazy person believing in made up unproveable dogma.

Which reminds me.. it seems the level of bat shit craziness is inversely proportional to a person's spelling and grammar.

I do take exception with "koalabear's" comment. There are subtle differences in what people expect in terms for behavior. For instance, at work I wouldn't call somebody certifiably crazy for being a Christian. However, they want the right to call me immoral, or whatever put down they want to use, for being gay.

It is true that we're very free to hate each other in our own private moments, but quite another to bring it into public.

And John.. you probably know I don't think there is such a good thing as "good" Christians or "bad" Christians. They are all part and parcel to the large blood soaked history of the religion.

If "good" Christians were actually good people, they'd either quit the church or demand the fundis be booted out. They do neither. It's the same as the German citizens that sat by while the Nazi's marched millions off to their deaths.

Tom said...

Bored senseless so I went and had a look at your fundi's blog. He's a 16 year old kid. I liked this part;

I am homeschooled and proud of it .

And you can clearly see the pattern and what his life must be like up to this point...

um ....after a few blogs I'll figure out if this will be a story blog ,or if it will be about my sad world.

And unfortunately, there's not a damn thing that can be done about the twisting this kid is receiving. He will end up poorly educated, horribly brainwashed, and unfit for any professional work. More than likely he will have some pretty severe personality defects and an inability to socialize properly.

He's right, it is quite sad... and not a thing can be done about it.