Drugs of a different nature

"The devil, which is only an idea, is an excuse for evil. A philosophy, if you will. Just as God, the idea of God, is just an excuse for good. They're the fuckin' needle, God and Devil, and they're waiting for junkies like you and me to happen."

A conversation between two characters in Boston Teran's novel "God is a Bullet"


John in Atlanta said...

Excellent! I've not read "God is a Bullet". I'll have to look for it. Remember the Concrete Blonde song of the same name? Good stuff! I'll have to offer it as a download here.

Bangkok Bertha said...

Yeah, I loved the title. And after reading a favorable blurb about this book by George P. Pelecanos (an author that I totally dig), I decided to try out this book. I'm not even halfway through it, but I like it a lot. Have to see if this author has anything else available.