Theocrazie spotted at the mall

I went to the mall yesterday with my wife and daughter. We parked next to someone's company car. I couldn't believe what they chose as the name for their heating and air business. This is absolutely nuts. I was immediately inspired to coin the term Theocrazie.

The graphics were on both sides and on the back. Notice the logo - praying hands with two little stone tablets on either side. The slogan really cracked me up. "Prices and Service from Above". Sorry for the low res photo. All I had was my camera phone.

I'll be on the lookout for more Theocrazies and post what I find. If any of you see something interesting or disturbing, email a photo and I'll post it.


KoalaBear said...

That's pretty funny. Once, I saw a Ford Explorer with a "Save Tibet" bumper sticker next to a Wesley Clark 2004 sticker, and another time I saw this old Volvo with an Air America bumper sticker, but if I posted a blog for every moonbat sighting I had, I wouldn't have any readers.

... oh.

KoalaBear said...

And in case you've gotten a clue, my name is Eric Hammonds. You know me as Rick. Merry Fitzmas.

John in Atlanta said...

...and your point is?