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KoalaBear said...

Also, I tried to play nice and civil here, but I'm too much of a stupid, heartless conservative I guess. In person you seem to be a nice guy, but on here you're very, very ugly. You probably think something similar about me. I took great offense at that the one comment on the "American Torture" post, and my comments were personal. That's why I revealed who I was (on another post down the page), I don't hide behind anonymity when I cross that line, even though you're pseudo-anonymous here. My sentiments there, and here, are genuine. I won't be trolling here in the future.

John in Atlanta said...

Sorry to see you go. The discourse was pretty good until it got personal. I refrained from replying to many of your comments but when you got nasty I couldn't hold back anymore. Maybe that's what you were shooting for.

You're right - I am a nice guy in person. I believe in being civil to everyone I come across throughout daily life. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "on here you're very, very ugly". Is it my opinions that are ugly? Considering the hate I've heard from your side I think I'm very subdued in this blog.

If you come back and read this, please be more specific.

Tom said...

Ah.. the tantrum and "taking my toys and going home" moment arrives. It always does eventually.

A lot of liberal bloggers may seem "ugly", but since the former cocaine and alcohol addict was appointed president, the political environment has changed substiantially. We're completely astounded and angry at how twisted things have become. We marvel at the shear lack of basic logic skills displayed by those offering insipid opinion and who make public policy.

John will debate Koalabear anytime. I will as well. It's pretty simple to do. We hold America to a higher standard then those we oppose. We believe in the fundamental secular foundations that were established in this country. We believe in justice for all. We believe in rational and critical thinking that goes beyond simple stereotypes. The applies to people the world over, not just Americans.

We believe that the conservative movement has horribly tarnished the reputation of the United States, fiscally bankrupted our nation, legitimized social theocracy, and shaken the very foundations of American civil liberty. Apparently, the vast majority of Americans agree. The Presidents approval rating is in the low 30's, and Congress' even lower in the 20's.

Americans have caught on to the fundamental flaw in the conservative thinking and policy.

So, I don't blame Koalabear for leaving. It's like suggesting to a Christian that there is no God. The idea is unthinkable as their entire "belief" system would collapse and their personality implode. It's the same for conservatives, except their god is the movement itself. Rational consideration will not enter the discussion, nor will they ever, ever, ever say "I thought about this, and your position makes more sense. I'm changing my opinion." That will never happen as their fundamental essence is their belief.

We, on the other hand, live in the real world.. not the made up "belief" world.

But you know what Koala? This is John's blog.. not mine.. so don't contrue my point of view as his..

If you want to call me "weak" or "sniveling" or whatever you want.. bring it on bubba.. lets have at a debate on whatever the days news brings.. and I will crush your argument as simple as I would a childs.. It's laughably easy to do.

John in Atlanta said...

But you know what Koala? This is John's blog.. not mine.. so don't contrue my point of view as his..

Tom - that's the beauty of it. Our points of view run, more often than not, parallel. It's just that you're more eloquent than I am :-)

Tom said...

Oh.. and Koalabear.. if you want to see why you are the true un-American here.. have a bit of a look in the past of prisoner treatment by the US Military.


Unfortunately, you're too stupid to understand history and you merely cling to the desperate rationalization by your right wing freak talk radio gods that fill your head with their opinion, until it becomes your own. You don't think for youself, and you have no clue what it means to be an American.

So don't give me this shit that your wouldn't waste your bullets on us. We don't give a flying fuck about you anymore than we would any other stupid as fuck assholes that ingore what it means to be an American.

When you're ready to stop trashing the ideals of America, and the proud heritage that we liberals support, do let us know. Until then, you're just another ignorant violent anti-American freak, hell bent on turning a moral culture into a cesspool of greed, corruption, violence, authoritarian facism.

Truly, Alexander Hamilton would be disgusted by people like you.