Responding to BS

This letter appeard in the AJC today:

Democrats are putting themselves out on a limb

While Democrats press on with their health care reform bill, they should ask themselves three questions. Since this effort is overwhelmingly a Democratic-led effort, are they willing to absorb the blame that will begin in 12 to 18 months, as people realize they’re being charged for something they won’t yet be able to receive? Will they be able to handle the criticism from the inevitable goof-ups, like the H1N1 vaccination shortage? Do they realize the risk of becoming a permanent minority party over the fact that the program won’t deliver as promised? Once their program fails to deliver (and it will), voters will seek revenge.
The assumption by the Democrats that passing health care will lead to a generation in power is only valid if they deliver something better than we have now.

Gary O’Neill, Marietta

I simply had to respond to such nonsense so I sent a response to the AJC. I just got a call from them confirming my letter. It will appear in the AJC in the coming days.

A letter writer asked if Democrats were prepared to accept blame if health care reform is unsuccessful. As a matter of fact we will gladly accept blame for that just as we accept blame for Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and just about every other program that Americans have benefited from and rely on.

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