The ten main differences between FOX and MSNBC

Those who watch FOX News defend the network's journalistic integrity by pointing to high ratings and claim that MSNBC is the liberal equivalent. While the comparison may seem valid on the surface, there are glaring differences between the two  networks.

10) Fox News claims "fair and balanced" coverage, while MSNBC is simply "the place for politics."

9) MSNBC devotes a three-hour daily segment to Joe Scarborough, a conservative from Newt Gingrich's "Republican Revolution." The equivalent would be Fox News giving a morning show to Ron Reagan.

8) While Fox News has Bill O'Reilly, MSNBC does not have an angry white male talk show host that yells and frequently interrupts people. Oh wait, nevermind.

7) MSNBC does not air a prime-time show that is akin to watching A Clockwork Orange while taking LSD.

6) The closest Fox News gets to allowing a lesbian to comment on policy is Lindsey Graham.

5) MSNBC will not be the network where Lou Dobbs ultimately ends up.

4) While Fox News was covering several cases of voter registration fraud by community-organizing group ACORN, MSNBC was covering the global economic collapse and a presidential election.

3) The prime-time lineup of MSNBC hosts all have college degrees, while O'Reilly is the only Fox News host to attend for more than one week.

2) MSNBC is not losing advertising because of their biased programming.

1) While MSNBC's Keith Olbermann organized free health clinics across the country to draw attention to the millions of people without health coverage, Fox News organized anti-government tea parties to try and guarantee that those people remained uninsured.

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Holly said...

#7 is so true. I watched Clockwork Orange once on LSD. It was the worst trip I ever had. Watching Beck is pretty darn close to that experience - except, the LSD trip was gone the next morning. Beck keeps coming back again and again.