A view from the other side of the world

As I've mentioned before, my friend Don Gilliland is a wonderful writer. I am always highly entertained by his observations. Scoot on over to the Bangkok Digest and read some of his stuff. Here is an exerpt I found especially tasty. He shares some tidbits from his recent trip to the beach at Pattaya:
The hotel is a bit rundown, but inexpensive and pretty darn funky. Besides the downstairs department store there is an adjoining snooker club, massage facilities, and a very roomy bar/restaurant that never has any customers. The cable TV lineup is also odd; no CNN or BBC. Instead they inflict the hideous Fox News upon guests. I had only seen Fox News on two previous occasions –both of those also during weekend trips to Pattaya – and had forgotten how truly horrible it was. How can a major network get away with such obviously biased, vapid and pathetic news coverage? I was truly shocked. It’s further proof of the dumbing-down of America. No wonder the rest of the world makes fun of US “culture.” If Fox News is representative of the intellectual level and mindset of the average American, we have a lot to worry about. Hey, just look at who is running that country! I haven’t lived in the United States in over nine years, so I suppose I’m more than a little out of touch with mainstream America. But maybe that’s a good thing. I can’t fathom why American voters would re-elect a numbskull such as George W. Bush or watch the garbage presented by Fox News - and believe it. The sheep seem happy – and oblivious – as usual.
Don't worry Don. You're still very much in touch with the sane half back here in the states :-)

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