Elected GOP doesn't want a showdown over Alito

The conservative agenda seems to be, fight over abortion, fight over gay rights and fight over the ability of Congress to pass laws when a mostly republican nominated Supreme Court weighs the need and or wisdom of every statute.

But elected republicans don't see anything glorious in losing, like martyrs or christians who get points with God for battling evildoers and non-believers. They don't enjoy the circle jerk theorizing of the federalist society or the states rights or the libertarians. They backed the wingnut agenda as part of a larger agenda.

The unelected ideologues gladly throw away the rest of any agenda for a few hot button issues that they feel need to be crammed through no matter how the majority of Americans feel about it. This is the right wing, fundies and nutbags last chance. The last chance to make the US a conservative heaven no matter how many americans want something different in the future. Five unelected men to rule us, for generations, striking down liberal laws, confirming rights to buy influence and candidates, no matter how many Democrats get elected to congress.

And that last one is the kicker. Elected republicans don't sit around, not caring how many Democrats get elected to congress in the future. Republicans know that they got into power by spending twenty years campaigning against the Supreme Court when it was making popular decisions. Imagine what happens when it makes unpopular ones. Imagine law after law sent up to the Scotus and sent back as beyond federal power. That's why they fought so furiously and dishonestly to assure Dubya's first term. When nobody on the Supreme Court died off during the first term, surely they would on the second. Making the second term even more important.

The republicans didn't send up stealth candidates because they are strong. They did it because they are weak. Weak, and afraid. They will cave. They would rather be beaten on Alito than win on the grounds that they want a reversal of Roe and all the other things on the wingnut legal wish list.

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