Who's the liar?

So it's Ambassador Joseph Wilson who's the liar, huh? I guess that's why they are charging Scooter with a crime - because Wilson is a liar.

Here's what the wingnuts don't get: It's neither Valerie Plame nor Wilson who gave false testimony to the grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA agent's identity. It was from someone inside the White House. Why did that someone lie? Scooter lied because telling the truth possibly would have led to his being charged with a crime, or would have made the White House look bad for revealing Plame as retaliation against Wilson, who had attacked Dubya's "yellowcake" claim in his prewar speech.

All of this is the result of the neocons being hellbent on going to war in Iraq, and their resolve to attack all who get in their way.

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