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I just bought a Delphi Roady2 XM radio. I've been putting it off since last Christmas because I thought $120 was just too much. Now the XM radio web site is selling that same model for $30. When I get it I'll let you know how it is. I suspect I'll really like it.

Everyone I know who knows someone who has it says they won't be without it. I'm afraid that it'll be like going from dial-up to broadband. I'll never be able to use dial-up again so in turn I'll never be able to go back to regular broadcasts again.

After looking over the playlist, I can't wait to get hooked up. They have a real nice menu to choose from. I did, however, find something that bothers me. It's not just with this playlist but something more universal. They have a station called America Right that is listed as Conservative Talk. Then they have Air America Radio that is listed as Progressive Talk. The AM station that carries Air America here in Atlanta is very weak and has lots of static. Sometimes I just can't bear to listen to it.

But I digress. My point is that I'm a proud liberal and I don't much like the Progressive tag that is being used now. Just because the wingnuts started using the word liberal in a disparaging fashion doesn't mean we have to change what we call ourselves.

I am quite fond of the term liberal and consider myself a proud liberal.


Itsa Secret said...

Roady2 is great.

I replaced mine with a Delphi MyFi XM2go portable though. I REALLY like that.

Good Luck

Mixter said...

I LOVE my XM. Had one since the beginning. (My brother used to be the "On Broadway" program director, now my sister-in-law works on the air on several channels.)

Progressive is a term I prefer, only because I believe it illustrates the idea of working for change. Liberal is okay with me, also, though. Just don't call me anything remotely related with BushCo!


John in Atlanta said...

Although my vent may seem to the contrary, I really don't dislike the term Progressive. It's a very positive term. I just never heard it used much until the right tried to demonize the term Liberal. It just felt to me that we rolled over and found a new term instead of proudly labeling ourselves with the very term that the conservatives dislike. The fact that they find the term Liberal distasteful makes me want to use it even more. Pretty soon they'll start trying to demonize Progressive. What will we call ourselves then? Non-conservative? Anti-moronic? Hey, those aren't too bad :-)

Mixter said...



I could go on...


Tom said...

I have Sirius and love it. They broadcast over the net so I can rock out at work and such..

Their "left" channel has Alex Bennet in the morning, who I really love, and Ed Schulz in the afternoon, who I'm not real fond of. The "Young Turks" in the evening are usually pretty good.

I kind of miss AAR, at least for Rhandi Rhodes.

I've noticed that more people are using the word "progressive". I'm a liberal also, and I'm quite smug about it because I think anyone who is not is a complete moron. However - we've got to start winning elections, and if it takes calling ourselves "progressive" to help do that, fine.

The right has just been completely sucessful with branding the term "liberal". That rather sucks because it used to mean something completely different.

As an asside, have you ever thought about writing a "position paper"? You know - write down a list of all the important topics in politics and public policy, and just write a description of your position on each?

I'm not talking necessarily about something a politician would write, but really something substantive. Maybe we all should do that.. come up with a list and publish our positions on our blogs...

on topics ranging from wellfare, warfare, right to privacy (abortion), sex, gay rights, gun rights, religion in government, taxes, deficits, immigration, terrorism, and I'm sure there are any number of topics.

Might be kinda fun..

John in Atlanta said...

Just so we're all on the same page why don't you make up a standard questionnaire or form of some sort and allow us to copy and past it into a post on our blogs with links to each other's blogs for comparison?

It's a great idea and I think it would be lots of fun and a good ice breaker for discussion.

I don't know about you and Mixter but I seem to get tons of hits but very few comments to posts. Maybe this will get others to participate a little more.

Tom said...

Sure.. I'll come up with something.. might take a bit of time to have something substantive, and not just "what do you think about illegal immigration?"

I'm obviously obssesed with gay rights and the religious right lately, but there are a bunch of other interesting things to expound on.