Religious tract artwork

Further evidence that these people are really sick.


Jimbob said...

These are the same people that will turn around and say " My God is a loving God ".

Mixter said...

Nothing like using fear to promote faith.


Tom said...


I particularly like the poster of Jesus looking all butch, pointing his finger and all that.. It's like a Rambo Jesus..

Anybody watch Six Feet Under? At the start of every show, somebody bites it. My favorite was a scene where a bunch of inflatable dolls gets loose and starts to float up into the air. Across the street some rapture freak hallucinated them into angels and starts to walk towards them, where she is promptly hit by a truck and killed.

I laughed and laughed.. and backed it up and watched it over and over.. LOL

I miss that show.. the final episode was probably the best ever last show in tv history.

John in Atlanta said...

I watched the first two seasons of Six Feet Under religiously. Then we dropped HBO for about a year and I lost track. I loved the snuff intros. I remember the one with the women out partying in the limo. One of them stood up through the moon roof and was decapitated with a utility bucket. Good stuff. Alan Ball - the writer - was from my little town of Marietta, GA

Tom said...

You should get it on DVD and watch the rest...

The season previous to the last (forget how many seasons there were) sometimes got overly depressing, but the last season was really well done..

Or maybe just get the very last episode. It really struck a cord with me because I did essentially the same thing as Clair, and the way it presented was just so remarkable..

I saw an interview with Alan Ball once and it seems he wanted to convey the simple notion that we are all just so much worm food, and have structured our society in such a way that we basically ignore that one simple truth... we're all going to just be dead before long..