Senate secret session

I'm watching the news concerning developments of the Senate's secret session instigated by the Democratic members. It's good to see the Dems grow cajones for a change. Hearing Trent Lott say "This was nothing but a stunt. We were going to begin phase two, investigating the administration, very soon anyway." That reminds me of a kid who is in trouble for not cleaning his room saying "But I was gonna do it."

Then Bill "insider trader" Frist said "This was a slap in the face. The past Democratic leadership would have never pulled a stunt like this." That's because the Democratic leadership had no balls and were terribly ineffective. Harry Reid responded that that the Repulican's inaction and stonewalling was a slap in the face of every American.

You go Harry!

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Anonymous said...

According to Sen. Rockerfeller, the highest ranking Dem on the investigative committee, Phase Two has consisted of one meeting. Period. And any time anything has led the investigation toward the White House, it gets stopped abruptly.

Phase Two, my ass.