Don't throw stones

Have you heard the big news? Patrick Kennedy, a member of one of America's most powerful political dynasties, was allegedly caught drinking and driving! Even worse, it looks like he might have received special treatment from the authorities because of his family connections!

I agree that driving under the influence of mind altering substances is a terrible thing but it seems that wingnuts live in glass houses on this one.


KoalaBear said...

When wingnuts get caught, at least they submit to the rule of law so evidence can be collected and the appropriate charges can be filed.

When moonbats get caught, there's a coverup.

Prove me wrong by posting a picture of PK's rap sheet noting his BAC at the time of his arrest.

Tom said...

Just like Rush was treated by the "rule of law"?

I don't recall George ever going to prison for using cocaine..

KoalaBear said...

Using cocaine is not against the law. Possession of cocaine is.

It's nuanced, I know, but think about it real hard and it may become clear.