Interesting column by James Lileks

Republicans, Democrats trade places
James Lileks - Newhouse News Service
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If the economy continues to percolate nicely, it will be due to increased drywall sales: Experts predict a continued increase in the number of Republican voters banging their heads into walls, trying to wake from this nightmare.

It's not the president's poll numbers --- that could be fixed by impeachment. (Worked for Clinton.) It's not the staff shake-up --- new blood's fine, but nobody in Peoria is switching parties because Scott McClellan got the gentle boot. It's not even the Iraq war, the prospect of war with Iran or the prospect of no war with Iran. It's Congress.

In short, the Republican base wants to know: Where's all this partisan extremism we were promised?


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KoalaBear said...

Interesting, why? I for one would love to hear you expound on that. Is it because, like Lileks, you think we should be passing tax cuts, drilling in ANWR, cutting ethanol subsidies (and presumably the eco-bullshit laws that precede them), and generally pushing the conservative agenda promised in 2000 and 2004?

Because agreeing with all that, and posting photoshopped GWB munkys, that's just deep.