The Vent from the AJC

Bush is listening. Use big words!

Judicial activist: A pejorative term used to describe a judge who fails to rule the way the conservative right wants her to.

I’m wondering if all the alligator attacks in Florida signal some sort of a reptile dysfunction?

Could someone please send me the list of “activist judges”? I lost mine.

Mexico and other nations are condemning the United States for planning to put a fence on the border. That’s like condemning Wachovia for locking its doors to keep me from entering illegally and taking money that isn’t mine.

Can we just fast-forward to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of “The Da Vinci Code on Ice”?

I’ll take Bob Barr over Zell Miller any day. Barr didn’t sell out the people who elected him.

The CNN news reader asked her expert commentator, “Doesn’t the law of supply and demand say that if we demand more oil, then they have to supply it?” At least she was pretty.

It’s not about what we might want to hide; it’s about our right to privacy. This is just one more thing that the government is trying to do to us. I’m sure our forefathers would be shocked.

Next time the government is listening in on my phone line, I wish they would tell my teenagers to hang up because they’re using too many minutes.

When I asked my brother if he would quit his job if he won the lottery, he said, “No, but it wouldn’t take ‘em long to fire me!”

Is it ironic or unfortunate when a Jesus freak says “A lot of people are gullible?” Dontcha think?

Don’t you think if God really spoke to Pat Robertson he would have been more definite than “MAYBE a Tsunami will hit the coast of the United States”?

Wow, Bush looked like a real Dukakis in that border patrol dune buggy!

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