Luckovich 05/19/2006

(with commentary)

Trust a man that denigrated nation building prior to being elected and then has led the country in to a futile nation building exercise in Iraq??

Trust a man that characterized the military as ‘Not ready to respond’ in 2000 because of the way the Clinton/Gore administration had wrecklessly stretched our armed services around the globe??

Trust a man that said ‘even with these tax cuts, we would still have trillions in surpluses??’

Trust a man that said anyone in his administration involved in the leaking of a covert CIA agant’s identity would be fired??

Trust a man that ‘sold’ the nation a war in Iraq on the notion that Iraq had operational ties to Al Qaeda, had aluminum tubes for enriching uranium, had mobile chemical weapons facilities, had remote-controlled drones for dispersing chemical weapons, etc., etc., etc??

Trust a man that said he was a ‘uniter, not a divider’ and subsequently alienated himself from his country;s citizens and the world??

Trust a man who promised to restore ‘honor and integrity’ to the office of the President but now trails behind his predecessor in every measure, including, who is more trustworthy??

Trust a man that promised transparency and proceeded to roll back/obstruct every attempt at oversight and even the FOIA??

Trust a man that promised that ‘humility’ would be a corenerstone of his foreign policy??

Trust ME, I could keep going.

This President has earned the world’s scorn, not their trust.

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Debra said...

Bush is delusional and has mistaken himself for the other guy on our money.