Back in the saddle

I'm slowly trying to get myself back to the blog. Still have lots of work to do between now and Sunday night. Not to mention that job at work that has a Friday deadline. I should be done by Monday :-(

By the way - a month or so ago I mentioned an anti-spyware proggy called CounterSpy. I'm still using and wouldn't be without it. There is a link for CounterSpy on the right. Get the trial version and give it a go. If you find that you like it the cost is only $20. Well worth it in my opinion.


Jimbob said...

Good to see you're ( almost ) back in the saddle ! Wild Sects is part of my daily diet now --- I've been feeling a little deficiency setting in lately. Probably nothing a little Deep Fried Crap wouldn't cure --- Lord knows the Bu$h administration provides plenty enough of that !!!

Tom said...

Welcome back big guy..

Another really great anti-spyware program is called Spybot Search & Destroy, can be found here.

It's a terrific program that I swear by, has regular updates, some other tools along with it, and it's absolutely free. He only asks for donations if you feel like it.

John in Atlanta said...

Hey Tom,
Good to be back. I just need to finish up a few more things and then it's in with both feet. I used Spybot for a few years and was very happy with it. Then one day I got a real nasty that Spybot couldn't find or get rid of. That's what made me try CounterSpy. I downloaded the eval and it found the nasty and and it never came back. After the trial was over I bought it and have been spyware free ever since. If you have time, give it a go and see if it finds anything that Spybot may have left behind. If not you're good to go. I think it is fully functional for 30 days.