That's my term for otherwise nice people who supported Dubya. PMS or Poor Misguided Souls is something to help me come to terms with these people. It stems from my trying to make sense of my Dad and his wife. They are kind, generous and thoughtful of others. They are pillars of their community and are very fair in their opinions. I don't have a clue why they supported Dubya other than they just didn't like Kerry. It just doesn't fit them. Hence the term. Too bad it's already in use. I was at a red light today and saw the sweetest little old lady. She looked like the type who would invite you in for cookies or lemonade on a hot day. As she pulled forward I saw the W04 sticker on her car. I immediately shook my head and said to myself "PMS". It's fun - give it a try. Then there are times when you see a large SUV with a perosn behind the wheel who looks like an asshole and drives like one. If you see a W04 sticker on that vehicle just say to yourself, or out loud, "ASSHOLE!"


Tom said...

You're a better liberal than I. I'm getting more impatient with those that support craziness out of ignorance.

We all have a responsibility in this country to be informed. That's the basis of a solid democracy.

Most of the PMS'ers like being that way. They don't want you to shatter their belief system with the truth. It's too painful.

I sometimes blow people away at parties and such with an extremely high degree of knowledge of current events and politics... to the point that it becomes a non-stop narrative of pummeling from me on why they are complete tools.

And, frankly, I don't think that wins any points for our side. I'm very good at debating, but suck at converting.

Ah well.. it's the weekend!

Jimbob said...

If ignorance is bliss, Bu$h supporters must be fucking ecstatic !