Finger Licking Good

Thai cuisine offers a myriad of delicious choices, from spicy curry and fragrant soups, to fresh seafood and stir-fried treats. But when you are in Thailand and subject to menus that have been brutally translated into English, be prepared for anything! Here are a few examples of entrees that I've seen listed on various Bangkok restaurant menus:

Grilled Lamp
Pig Intestin with Savory Sauce
Fired Chickern
Pork Having Sunbath One Time Only
Broken Fish Trap

Deep Fried Crap


John in Atlanta said...

HA! That's hilarious. I remember some of the "dishes" you mentioned back in the Lazy Mango days that were even funnier. Well I gotta go and have some lunch. Hmmm, a little Deep Fried Crap sounds good right about now.

Jimbob said...

Can you supersize those ? Man, that's enough to turn you into a vegan !