Missing In Action

I said it before but I apologize for being so neglectful of Wild Sects. I can't thank Bangkok Bertha enough for the excellent posts in my absence of mind.

This move has been taking all of my energies. I lived in my old house for 7 years. It's amazing the crap one family can accumulate when given the space to store it. We finally started sleeping in the new house last Friday. We still have much to do in the old house including, but not limited to, emptying the basement and attic, sorting through the tons of garage sale items, repairing drywall in a bedroom ceiling which incudes installing a sheet and a half of drywall, mudding the whole ceiling, sanding and then painting the whole room. Then there's the yard.

I have 2 weeks to complete all this while dealing with a 2 week deadline on a large project at work. Needless to say I'm swamped. Please have faith that I'll be back at the keyboard just as soon as I regain my sanity.


Jimbob said...

While you're gone, you're certainly not forgotten ! Nothing like moving to throw your life into utter chaos ! Wish I could be there to help ! Definitely not like the old days, when you could get everthing you owned into your car in one trip. ( OK, maybe a second trip for all your albums ! ) We'll all be looking forward to more righteous Wild Sects blogging soon !!! Luvyameanit ! :-)

Tom said...

Too bad we don't live in the same town.. I'd help out.. for beer of course.. I once screwed sheets of drywall into the ceiling of a new recording studio, using nothing but the top of my head to hold it in place while I drilled the screws in. That was fun.

You really haven't been missing all that much... Just a bit of unka Karl gossip..