Jules Shear by request

Hank posted a cool comment about Jules and Wild Sects and wanted to hear You Just Don't Wanna Know (4.0mb) from Got No Breeding. Always happy to oblige another Jules fan.

Just in case Hank didn't get a chance to hear the unreleased Jules song, Bad Connection, that his manager sent me, here it is.



Bangkok Bertha said...

Thanks for that, John. That first Polar Bears album is a classic! And so was the second album. And well...lots of his stuff. I think a boxed set would be in order!

winstonLT5 said...

Using Google's new blog search tool [http://blogsearch.google.com], I found John's reply post to my Jules comment, two months after the fact! Thanks, John, I love that old JPB track. I'd purchased the LP back when it was released in 1978, and it's packed away in an apple crate somewhere in my basement. I remember the Polar Bears being marketed (by Columbia?) as "new wave," which was a new term in '78 (at least as applied to music, having been borrowed from the 50's French film movement). The new Jules track is very nice, too. -- Hank