For Your Listening Pleasure

From "Got No Breeding" by Jules and the Polar Bears
Convict (3.2mb)
Following Every Finger (3.9mb)

Acoustic version of Following Every Finger (4.7mb) from "Unplug This"


Tom said...

Did you not go to work today, or did you have nothing to do? 18 posts.. wow.. LOL

Here's what I spent a significant amount of time doing today.. Finding a problem - and having it turn out to be 0 versus O. You can't imagine how irritating that can be..

It cuts into my ranting time.. grrrr..

John in Atlanta said...

Yeah I went to work but as you can tell it was a very light day. Since I used up all of my "proactive batteries" yesterday I just blogged. I did manage to get a large job done so the day wan't a total waste.

Geez I hate the 0-O and 1-l problems. I see them on occasion and they drive me NUTS!

Hank said...

Stumbled into your blog searching for Jules & The Polar Bears... thanks for the post! Love your political outlook, btw. If you could post "You Just Don't Wanna Know" from this same LP, that would be oh-so-cool.