Scott McClellan says Newsweek lied and people have died as a result

But not the lies or the people you think. There are a bunch of right-wing morons who are using a familiar line in regard to the desecrated Koran debacle. "Newsweek Lied, People Died."

It's supposed to be humorous because it's making fun of what all us anti-war people said when 1,700 Americans were killed based on Bush's lies.

This isn't even not caring. It's beyond not caring. It's about the right taking pride in not caring.

To act as if our soldiers were being treated as beloved liberators until Newsweek screwed it all up is ludicrous. Why don't they just go up to an American serviceman and kick him in the balls? That's the amount of respect they are displaying for the troops to try and pass that one off. American soldiers aren't dying in Iraq because Newsweek printed a bad article. American soldiers are dying in Iraq because Bush lied. Plain and simple.

Bush's excuse maker, Scott McClellan, indignantly complained that the story was "based on a single anonymous source who could not personally substantiate the allegation that was made. The report has had serious consequences," he said. "People have lost their lives. The image of the United States abroad has been damaged."

Sounds to me like he's talking about the reasons we went to war in Iraq instead of the aftermath of rioting in Afghanistan.

There is absolutely no way McClellan doesn't know what he's saying. A faulty report. Unreliable sources. People have died. And who do they want to resign? The editors of Newsweek.

How is that excusable? How is that even forgivable?

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Tom said...

What it is, is deflection. They are desperate to deflect the Iraq disaster onto anyone they can, and control the news cycle.

The more time the MSM spends talking about Newsweek, the less they talk about other administration disasters. It's like a young blonde ran away again. Same deal..

I wonder if the administration knows something very serious they aren't telling us. If Iraq is what it appears to be to me, I can't imagine how Chimpy can sleep at night.

If I were President, and I sent 1700 American's, and countless other innocent Iraqi's to their death over completely fabricated reasons, I couldn't live with myself. Chimpy seems to do it just fine.

I often chide him for being really dumb, but he cannot be so cold as to not care about all of these people.

It is absolutely astonishing to me..

And the Muslims are more upset about a book being flushed down a toilet then other Muslims being murdered while in the custody of American prisons.

I've never seen the world so insane.