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From the left...
Beware activist clergy

Anyone claiming to be a Christian knows that Jesus didn't walk with the politically correct or the kings of the land, but with the common people, many of whom held beliefs that differed from his ("Supporters of gays denied Communion," News, May 16). Jesus was sure to feed and care for these people, never once denying anyone from partaking in his graciousness.

Now a priest in Minnesota has denied parishioners Communion because they chose to show love and support for their gay friends. Does this priest really think that he is doing Jesus' work? How self-righteous he is to claim to know who God would or would not want to come to his table. No religion has the right to keep anyone from God because of outdated beliefs that choose to persecute rather than love.

Our country needs to worry less about "activist judges" and more about "activist clergymen" who claim to hold our souls in the palms of their hands.

...and from the Dark Side
Magazine the cause of too much death, grief

Nine years ago this week, one of the United States' finest naval officers, Jeremy Michael Boorda, committed suicide because of Newsweek's harassment over a trivial issue of the wearing of a certain ribbon on his uniform. Now we have more deaths and embarrassment because of the policies of that magazine.

Enough of causing terror and death because of journalism that causes anger, frustration, fury and outcries for vengeance.

Newsweek should be flushed itself, or at least closed, and its editors and policy-makers sent back to jobs where their only responsibilities would be to ask, "Will you have fries with that?"


Readers should boycott till editors quit

After Newsweek reported that U.S. interrogators had flushed a copy of the Quran down the toilet in an effort to make detainees talk, riots in Afghanistan and other countries left 17 people dead and more than 100 hurt. The actions of the American interrogators were condemned across the Middle East and U.S. prestige took another blow throughout the Muslim world.

Now we learn that the single source for the story is recanting. People are dead because of the sloppy reporting. Newsweek editors should resign, and I will not buy or read the magazine until they do.

I responded to these last two with my own Letter to the Editor. I failed to save it so I can't include it in this post as I had planned. If they decide to print it I'll post it here.

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