The Vent from the AJC

Saturday edition

Things were going so well in Iraq until Newsweek messed it up.

Thanks, Time magazine, for providing the free Ann Coulter dartboard on your cover.

It's the one-year anniversary of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, and there is no evidence of a single straight couple falling apart because of this legislation.

If Ralph Reed doesn't know casino money was used to help fight gambling initiatives in Alabama, then I sure don't want him anywhere near my tax dollars.

What a great vent. Putting the IRS and Terrorist’s in the same sentence. Therer’s really not much difference between them, is there?

I opened the paper and surprise….yet another image burned into my memory that I could have done without. Saddam in his whitey tighties.

If Republicans were half the Christans they claim to be we would have Universal Health Care, no hunger, no poverty, and no deaths due to the cold or heat.

Is Ann Coulter the one with the gorgeous long blond hair…and the Adams apple?

Now a celebrity death match I would pay to see: Nancy Grace vs. Ann Coulter. I m pretty sure Ann(man) Coulter would take Nancy out, but Nancy is awfully snarly when challenged she looks like a biter and a hair-puller…

Oh, Oh, Ann Coulter is definitely more repulsive…and I don’t even know who Grace is!

Nancy Grace may have her faults, but please, don’t compare her (or anyone) to Ann Coulter.

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