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Neocons only care about total power

One has to worry about the state of our republic when the majority party chastises its more moderate members for lack of guts and fortitude for not squashing and obliterating minority dissension ("No evidence of courage as Republicans flinch," @issue, May 27).

Debate and compromise mean nothing to Republicans of the neocon persuasion --- not when the opportunity for total and complete power is tantalizingly close. In their view, a 51 percent majority is a political mandate to do everything they ever wanted and minority dissent is a bug that must be squashed.

That means that in a country of 295 million people, 150 million want to tell 145 million others to shut up. Does that sound like America?

...to the insane.
Majority rule: Stop the stalling of minority party

Where is there any justification for allowing the minority party to hamstring judicial nominations or any other nominations ("Democrats stall vote on U.N. ambassador," News, May 27)?

There is no justification for minority rule in any area of our governmental structure. For one juror to rule the decision in criminal cases would be ridiculous. The U.S. Supreme Court approves serious matters with 5-4 decisions.

The majority should rule. If the Democrats want to rule, then let them work to win elections. It's that simple.

LEWIS STOVER JR., Lawrenceville

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