Queen of the Diatribe

Larry (M*A*S*H*) Gelbart has a hilarious take on the shrill blonde harpy.

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Tom said...

Comletely off topic.. but I have to share this and I don't think I want to post it on my blog.

You remember that state senator in Minnesota that came out in late March? I wrote him a letter today - it was a Tom special. 4 pages, 2000 words.. meticulously crafted. I discussed marriage rights, party affiliation, the log cabin republicans, all sorts of stuff.. Even invited him to dinner if he's ever in Dallas..

I was not expecting a response right away, but it was only like 20 minutes later that I got one. I was surprised how fast that was, but I'm somewhat anxious as I click to open it, since I rarely, if ever, write to politicians.

He wants to call me.. which I think is rather odd. Is it just me, or is that strange? I dunno..

I hope he doesn't want phone sex.. LOL

John in Atlanta said...

My cousin, who is a state Senator in Ohio, prefers the phone too. Nothing too strange about that. I think politicians are inherently prone to running their mouths :-)

Go for it. You never know what may transpire. Other than bad phone sex (he might sound like Kermit the Frog) what's the risk?

Tom said...

I just got off the phone with the Senator from MN. He called right on cue. I think we chatted for about an hour.

In my letter, I had urged him to consider switching parties, but he made a very good argument for staying. I hadn't considered some of what he was saying before, and it does make sense.

He did express that his coming out has been a very positive experience, and had only minor grumblings from the BSC's. I knew it would work out. It always does.

The call had a surreal quality to it though. Toward the end he said "See, you started off nervous and now we're talking like we've been best friends for 20 years".

I said "That's because you're a politician Paul".

He laughed..

John in Atlanta said...

LOL that's great! But did he sound like Kermit?

Tom said...

Please don't ask for details unless you - really - want to know.. I have a tendency to be brutally honest.. LOL

Okay.. no.. he didn't sound like Kermit.. but he did ask me if I could detect an accent, and wondered if what he sounded like matched my impression of the pictures I've seen of him.

Like I said.. it was surreal.. I think I'm engaged or something.. LOL