Happy Birthday

Dear Friends,

26 years ago today, Casey was 6 hours and 49 minutes old. What a joyful day that day was. The birth of our firstborn. He was so wanted and his birth was so highly anticipated. A true bundle of joy.

One year, one month, and 25 days ago (almost to the minute) George Bush and his Crime Cabal killed Casey in Sadr City. One of them, perhaps Condi, Rummy, Bremer, or Cheney, might as well have pulled the trigger that blew off the back of Casey's sweet head.

When one embarks on the path of mourning a child, new experiences and feelings pop up constantly to suprise you. One of the feelings that I find amazing on this 2nd birthday since Casey has been in his premature grave is this: Birthdays are infinitely harder than death days. You are supposed to be sad on death days, but birthdays are supposed to be times of joy. We should be talking to Casey on the phone today, wishing him Happy Birthday. He should be thanking me for the present I sent him. Instead, we are heading to the cemetary for a Memorial Service. Then I think of the 24 Happy Birthdays we did have with him. Balloons, games, presents, cake, laughter, bar-be-ques (he was born on Memorial Day, so his parties were always bar-be-ques), pinatas, fun and love.

Bush and the Crime Cabal in power sent 26 more soldiers to their graves this week and 26 more families to lives of living hell. 26 more lives and families devastated and destroyed for absolutely nothing. We will see the hypocritical mobsters of the state at their events today and tomorrow spewing filth from their mouths, such as: "Freedom isn't Free," and "We must stay the course in Iraq to honor the sacrifices of the fallen." What was the great deceiver's course? Civil War? Because that's what it looks like our children were slaughtered for. Then the morons who killed our children will happily go back to their homes and have a nice Memorial Day dinner secure in the fact that their children will never die in a war and their children will have nice, wealthy, long lives because of the incredible riches this misadventure in Iraq has brought their fathers and mothers.

I mourn the thousands of innocent Iraqis dead for zilch and their families. Today and tomorrow, I will honor Casey and the 1656 others killed to pad some bank accounts. Not because they died to keep America safe, free, or democratized (on the contrary, quite the opposite), nor did their murders bring freedom and democracy to Iraq (on the contrary, quite the opposite); but because they were wrongfully murdered and someone needs to be held accountable. We as people of peace need to make sure that their lives and deaths were for peace, not deception and war.

Happy Birthday, Dear Son.

Love to you all,

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