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The AJC also printed my vent. I realize the subject is water under the bridge but I just had to respond to this moron:
Ironic that after Terri Schivao’s ‘loving’ husband denied his wife treatment that could have made her better two people whose real loving families allowed them the same treatments have come out of their comas.
My response:
Terri Schiavo wasn’t in a coma. She was in a persistent vegetative state from which there is no return. Her cerebral cortex had liquefied. Kind of like yours.


Suzy said...

Oh that's GOOD!! I love it!

Tom said...

Snark of the day!

I had read about recent cases of people "waking" from comas. I knew the crazy people would suddenly feel vindicated.

I expect we'll see that referenced in fund raising letters before long.

It's unfortunate they don't understand the difference between Schaivo's condition and the classic coma.

Mixter said...