Not so sad trip after all

Mary Foreman was such a fun loving, generous and caring person. Especially fun loving. She liked nothing more than a big family get together with lots of food, fun and laughter. After the Memorial Service on Wednesday we did just that. We gathered at my mother-in-law's home and had a wing ding. Grandma Foreman would have loved it. The gathering would have been right up her alley. It's much better to celebrate one's life than to mourn their death. I hope my friends and family party all night when I bite the big one. Don't be sad because I'm dead. Be sad because I can't be there to beat you in Bocce Ball.


Anonymous said...

When someone's lived a full, relatively happy life, it needn't be a sad occasion. While I'm sure she'll be missed, it's nice to have the memories and know how much she was loved.


Tom said...

Welcome back..

I think death sucks.. and I'm hoping medical science cures it before it becomes an issue for me personally..

John in Atlanta said...

There's always cryogenics :-)