Current Events for Dummies part 1

By Bernard Weiner,The Crisis Papers


Q. I don't get it. The government makes it harder for individuals to file for bankruptcy, but United Airlines is permitted to declare bankruptcy and to refuse promised pensions to its employees. Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

A. The Bush Administration is not hypocritical. It has been very open about its priorities, and they don't include ordinary workers. Everything is geared to protecting big business and those already wealthy, such as in the huge tax breaks and refunds granted to that narrow strata of society. Those who complain are accused of "class warfare." (Note: It's only "class warfare" if liberals talk about it; conservatives don't talk about it, they just wage it.)

Better face up to it: until Bush & Co. are sent packing - either by impeachment or when another party takes control in 2008 - there will be no hope of economic justice in this country. If you're unable to pay your credit card bill, be prepared to face jail-time; if you don't pay your employees their pensions, you're a savvy businessman and you'll get federal assistance.

By the way, if you're still wanting a prime example of Bush's hypocrisy, check out his firm support for the brutal government of Uzbekistan's Karimov. Bush talks big about expanding freedom and democracy all around the globe, but because the Uzbek strongman is our guy in the Caucuses - he's helpful with oil, and the U.S. sends him terrorist suspects to torture - the Administration puts him on its good-guys list. (Note: Karimov has few scruples; he's even had recalcitrant prisoners boiled to death.)

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