Smokescreen anyone?

It occurs to me that all the chest thumping being done by the Republicans regarding the nomination of judges is merely a smokescreen. The issues of abortion and gay rights are batted about to solidify the support of their religious base.

If you look beyond these religious-based issues you'll see that the Senate Republicans do not want the American people to focus on them because the real issue is corporate-friendly judges. With corporate-friendly judges, it is more likely that more decisions like the one breaking the contract between United Airlines and its employees, will come down.

We need to start looking beyond the rhetoric and start looking at the entire Republican agenda of which religion may be only a small part. We need to ensure that religious extremism does not dictate the law of the land but we also need to be aware that corporate-friendly judges may more of a threat than we ever imagined.


Tom said...

I think that's a valid observation. The evangelicals certainly are a tool for the corporate elites.

I've always said that everything revolves around money and sex. It's never really about religion, since religion is just a consequence of both money and sex.

Still - even though we know that, it's not fun being a target of the tool. If they played fair and made the issue clear that it's just about money and corporate power for them, that's fine. I'll fight that war.

I just don't dig being collateral damage.

John in Atlanta said...

Well said, as usual.