Rockers pour out 'Spinal Tap' stories

My favorite:

As the Rolling Stones get ready to head out again on the road, Ron Wood can laugh about it - the night he and the lads thought they were all going to be busted.

"We were doing drugs in the dressing room," says Wood, remembering a concert in the early '80s. "Suddenly the tour manager stuck his head around the door and said, 'The police are here!' We all panicked and threw our drugs in the toilet.

"Then Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland walked in."


Thanks to Benjie for the link.


Tom said...

If you want to see a current band living the Tap life, watch Some Kind of Monster.

Even if you're not into hard rock, it's really worth watching.

Tom said...

Oh.. and my personal Tap moment..

My college band, playing in a beer/pizza place... for free beer (naturally).. in the middle of a song, the bass player leans over, hurls all over the floor, and then goes right back into the song with this drunken smile on his face.

Suzy said...


Jimbob said...

John will remember this place---
a club called Jekyll & Hydes in
Orlando back in the late '70s.One
night a local covers band packed
their flashpots too tight and they
exploded like grenades,sending
shrapnel flying all over the room.
My date and I were sitting right
up front and didn't get a scratch
but the band & several people in
the audience got tore up pretty
good! Very surreal experience!

John in Atlanta said...

Oh yeah. I remember that. Maybe that's why the Great White fire seemed so familiar.