Sorry to be so neglecting of Wild Sects but it's been a busy week!

First there was the Dodd family reunion here in Atlanta. Relatives came from Ohio, Missouri, West Virginia and Florida. It was a blast. Got to get reacquainted with cousins I hadn't seen in 35 years and even met one I had never met before. It was a great time. Needless to say there was several instances of various forms of inebriation. Especially with a cousin from Ohio who I grew up with and have seen every couple of years since then. He ended up staying all week.

Second there was the fact that I finally found a home suitable for my immediate family to move into. Just signed the papers yesterday. We'll be moving throughout the next week so once again blogging will be sporadic at best. Thanks to Bangkok Bertha for the great School Daze post. At least SOMEBODY is doing their job :-)

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Jimbob said...

Congratulations on your new digs ! You'll have to post some pics once you get settled in. When's the house trashing---er, I mean house warming party ? Sounds like a good excuse for a kegger to me !