Liberal or Conservative?

Voting ends Sunday


Tom said...

The general rule that I use is that older white guys are always conservative.

But then, that might be how you're toying with us.. when in fact he's quite liberal.

I do know that a gay man must cut his hair. I mean.. just look at that..

So I'm going to say liberal..

John in Atlanta said...

Rather than create a new post for 1 vote I'll just reveal the answer via this comment. Tom is correct. Ohio State Senator Dan Brady is indeed a liberal. In fact he's largely the reason I'm a liberal. Dan Brady is my cousin with whom I grew up. He was (and is) more of an older brother than a cousin. I don't know what's up with the official picture though. His hair just looks weird and he looks older than his 51 years. Dan and I had a week long party following the official family reunion. It was great to see him again. We're already making plans for the next reunion. This time it will be up in his neck of the woods.

Tom said...

Oh.. that's pretty neat.. I'll bet he's up to his eyeballs with coin-gate.. :)