Dear Mainstream Media

I'm a big fan but I really think I need to point something out to you.

Shortly after Katrina, Bush said that he had no idea the levees were going to fail and drown thousands of people and destroy millions of dollars worth of property and infrastructure. In fact, his exact words were "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

You are now running a story, complete with video, about how Bush had a meeting with several people where, among other things, they anticipated the breach of the levees.

I realize that it is your duty to maintain unbiased status in your reporting, in a continuing effort to pretend the Right won't accuse you of all being leftists anyway. But I still find it very odd you aren't using a very specific word in any of your stories.

I will help you here. When someone says something, and you prove later that what they said was completely and knowingly untrue, it is commonly referred to as a lie.

For example, President Bush lied. This makes him a liar.

Now you use it in a sentence. Thanks.

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