Ted Rall almost ready to sue Ann Coulter for libel

Cartoonist, radio host and columnist, Ted Rall, and his lawyers will determine later this week whether they have received sufficient pledges to pursue a libel and slander case against Ann Coulter for her statement, first issued verbally at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) meeting in Washington on February 10, where she falsely said that Rall had submitted cartoons to Iran's anti-Holocaust cartoon contest, a claim that she repeated in her nationally syndicated column on February 15.

Rall has not entered, nor does he intend to enter, this contest.

Coulter and her fellow conservatives frequently use this tactic. Rather than express an opinion ("The Iran cartoon contest is just the sort of thing you'd expect Ted Rall to enter!") they up the ante to actual libel and slander by saying that it's actually true. It's a vile, illegal tactic--but unless someone challenges it in court, it will continue to be deployed against patriotic liberals, Democrats and political progressives of all stripes. After all, these are the same people who smeared war hero Max Cleland as a coward. And it works--mainly because Democrats don't fight back.

Ted is willing to wage this fight. At this point he is very optimistic that it will happen. Current pledges total over $21,000. I pledged a modest sum but every bit helps.

Please send Ted an email at chet@rall.com with your pledge amount. If we don't fight the fight Coulter will get off the hook--again.

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