Freedom of Speech?

"Insulting the beliefs and customs of people and religions is not freedom of speech. This is not only related to Islam. We must respect the beliefs of other nations and religions whether we believe in them or not. If we don't believe or approve of them, we must challenge them through discussion and intellectual undertakings."
Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami

"Look at the Ku Klux Klan, who use a cross as their symbol and propagate hatred against others and encourage lynching. And yet we never hear someone say, 'There's an example of how Christianity encourages violence'"
Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu


John in Atlanta said...

Excellent quotes!

Bangkok Bertha said...

I thought those were interesting also. It certainly gives us a different perspective of the issue. I think most Westerners have been incredulous about what they perceive as the unwarranted over-reaction to the cartoon issue. But every culture is different and has different perspectives. Indeed, I think more dialogue and discussion is needed to bridge the gap. And why is the term "Christian Terrorist" used in instances like abortion clinic bombings, etc.?