When is enough enough?

British memos now prove that Bush not only planned to invade Iraq no matter what, but suggested putting up a US spy plane in UN colors, hoping to get it shot down, just to provoke the mess we got into anyway. I can't believe there are still sentient beings still making apologies for this man?

Seriously. Where's the line? Never mind Guantanamo, torture, NSA spying, yellowcake uranium lies, ignoring the briefing warning about Bin Laden, the misuse of classified info to attack opponents, the Katrina clusterfuck, deficits of unprecedented proportion, scribbling notes in the margins of laws so the king can decide which parts he will and will not obey -- never mind all that.

Clear and provable willingness to start a war on the basis of pure lies? That's not enough?

Bush Was Set on Path to War, British Memo Says

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