The March 14th Mystery Revealed

Jules Shear
Dreams Don't Count

The wait is almost over. The new Jules Shear CD, Dreams Don't Count, finally has a release date. It will be available on March 14th on Mad Dragon Records.

I've had the pleasure of listening to Dreams Don't Count so much over the last couple of weeks that every song is like a familiar friend to me. Much like every other album Jules has released since his days with The Polar Bears.

This CD will never make Billboard's top 10 but when was the last time you honestly enjoyed anything that earned that distinction? Jules no longer writes songs that can be pegged with any particular point in time. He writes timeless songs that make you think or make you long for that lost love you thought you had gotten over.

Jules himself said that he no longer concerns himself with ending up on the cover of Rolling Stone but is content in making music that matters. With Dreams Don't Count it is apparent to me that he has succeeded.

Jules decided to give this CD more of a classic sound. Rather than the same old guitar, bass, drums and keyboard formula he utilizes such romantic instruments as the cello and the viola. The accordian adds an almost European flavor to several of the songs escpecially You Anymore and Sinners Who Believed. Jules of course still plays his guitar with a passion that lets you connect with the songs on a deeper level. This isn't a "driving" album. It's a "grab a bottle of wine and share it with your love" album. Wherever has become a song that reminds me of my wife every time I hear it.

In earlier posts I shared Bad Connection and Accustomed to the Clearness. Now I want to share another one of my favorite songs from the CD called Do What They Want. It recalls some of Jules' more whimsical compositions. After only a couple of times hearing it I found myself either humming it or singing it to myself in weird places like the grocery store or at work.

If you are a Jules fan on any level you won't be disappointed in this CD. It's classic Jules in the sense that the music will take you to the edge and the wonderful lyrics will sweep you over it. I get lost in it every time I listen to it. In a little more than two weeks you'll be able to get lost in it too.

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